Walton on Thames

Leaflet and flyer door-to-door distribution business could seem very easy and elementary to you but like every other business it is also full of challenges and delicate moments. You can always do something including business in the easy way or the right way. In the first occasion you will have just something done but none you or your customers would be satisfied. In the second way it could cost much more efforts and hard work but at the end you will just see the positive results of your well done job and your customers will be satisfied. We know what we are dealing with and you can be sure that with us the high quality of your next door-to-door distribution campaign in Walton-On-Thames is absolutely guaranteed.

Walton-on-Thames is divided into four wards and it is a centre of services and retail. The name "Walton" is a common phonetic combination with Anglo-Saxon origin meaning "Briton Settlement". All Celtic, Saxons and Roman eras of Britain have left their prints in the town and it is full of historic events. Walton-on-Thames was the place where Julius Caesar forded the River Thames during his second invasion of Britain. The High Street of the town has several brand retailers such as Next, HMV, River Island and Waterstone`s. There are also high-end fashion shops, jewellery, bakery and supermarkets. A curious fact about Walton is that several sketches for Monty Python were filmed here and the old town hall can be seen in one sketch. Today`s population of the town is at about 23000 inhabitants.

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