When doing business it is always essential to have the right people with you that have the right attitude and philosophy like you in order to be successful. The selection of the most proper people for your company could take a lot of time and hours spending in interviewing candidates but be sure once you finish you`ll be satisfied. It depends of you of course as well to prepare and implement in your business the right company culture and philosophy that will help you to attract the suitable candidates for a vacant position in your company. We are happy to have a team of professionals that cover all needed qualities and are always with us in good and in bad times. We have people that know everything about leafleting and can help you in every step of your next distribution campaign in Redhill.

A very important factor about the development of Redhill was the coming of the railway and the town continues to be a very important junction nowadays. Redhill Aerodrome is situated 1.7 miles south-east of the town and operates flying courses, pleasure flights and also private commercial flights. Redhill has a specific red-brick complex called the Warwick Quadrant which is the home of the Harlequin Theatre and Cinema. The town is with a population of at about 18000 inhabitants and is just 19.5 miles away from London. The percentage of the households who own their homes in the town is at about one third of the whole number of households and it is below the average for the country. It was the year 1867 when Alfred Nobel demonstrated for first time dynamite in a stone pit nearby Redhill.

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