If you are for example an estate agency, a local gardener or restaurant owner in Oxted just try leaflet distribution and very soon you will understand the benefits of door-to-door delivery and you will not regret for your decision of using it. Leafleting is just like any other ways of advertising and it has just many positive features that deserve your attention. It is a very cost effective way of advertising the good results of which may surprise you. Forget what you`ve been told about it as a method of advertising that it is not effective and outdated and just make some research about the real facts for leafleting and direct marketing distribution campaigns. Then choose us to deliver your leaflets or flyers and you will change your mind. Just call us and we will do the rest.

The name of Oxted comes from the old one Acstede meaning "place where oaks grew". With the coming of railway in 1882 the development of Oxted boomed mainly connected with trade growth with London. In Oxted each year is being held a charity pram race. In these races entrants should wear a fancy dress and push a pram around the two thirds of a mile course. There is a party for all at the end. The Greenwich Meridian passes through Oxted more exactly through the Oxted School making the town located in both eastern and western earth hemisphere. The number of detached homes in the town is at about 1400 and those which are semi-detached are approximately 1300. We can deliver your flyer or leaflet in each one of them with great accurateness and in a very short period of time.

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