It is very hard to predict future, what shall happen next and what is hiding behind tomorrow`s day. There are many analysers that can show many of their written works that try to describe you some models of economic cycles and predictions but history proves that many things happen in economies of the countries that are unexpected. There are just quite a lot of factors that can influence your business life and meet you unprepared. When running a business it is very important to do the right things so to be ready for tomorrow. You may not know what exactly things future has prepared for you but you can certainly do some things to change it. Door-to-door distribution of direct marketing materials that advertise your company in Leatherhead might be your next right step.

A swan holding a sword in its beak-this is the symbol of Leatherhead and can be seen on the old Leatherhead coat of arms, and on the Mole Valley coat of arms. The Swan Hotel in the town provided services in the middle centuries for more than 300 years for horse drawn coaches. One of the oldest buildings in Leatherhead is of The Running Horse pub that was built back in 1403. It is on the shore of River Mole and once Elizabeth I spent a night at the inn when couldn`t cross the river because of floods. The town significantly developed in the late 1800s with the expansion of the railway. Private St John`s School was built in 1870 in Leatherhead and many famous pupils have studied there.

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