Our GPS tracking system is something that we are proud of and one of the latest inventions in our industry. It is helping us to be extremely accurate in our work during the distribution process. Our distributors and vans are all provided with devices with GPS locators in them that allow us to know their exact position during the working day. All this give us the control and safety in the business that we`ve always wanted and you as our customers will be able to see as well the benefits of the GPS tracking devices. You will receive a GPS tracking map at the end of your campaign-the real proof of our professionalism and loyalty. We simply like to be absolutely professional in our business to be one step before our competitors and to give you the service that you really deserve.

The name of the town Haslemere comes from hazel trees standing beside a meer /lake/. The lake as a matter of fact no longer exists today but there are some proofs of its existence that can be found around the town. The High Street is quite large and it is because it has been used as a cattle market in the years before 1920s and actually characterises the heart of Haslemere. Every year a music festival is being held in Haslemere called Dolmetsch Early Music Festival which is international. It is inspired by the famous instrument maker in the past Arnold Dolmetsch who was born in France but later settled in Haslemere. Leaflet distribution in Haslemere could be your next choice for advertising and perhaps the best possible for you!

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