Many think of direct marketing campaigns with flyers or leaflets as very old-fashioned and ineffective. The facts however are quite different. We are sure you will agree with us that in many occasions the old and well-tried methods of doing something are very often quite better than the new ones. However we are not trying to say that leafleting is better than any new way of advertising but it has its benefits that are still quite strong and can really contribute to your business success. As a matter of fact leafleting is more effective than many other ways of advertising and much cheaper. We can make your leaflet door-to-door delivery in Godalming in a way that will leave you satisfied and pleased with your business with us.

Godalming is known as an expensive town to live in regarding rents and property prices. This is due mainly to the many beautiful sites around the town and the very good transport links. Godalming is one of the places with biggest proportion of private housing and also one of the towns in UK that is most desirable for buying a property. The town has at about 140 listed buildings 82 of which are within the town centre and 18 are monuments. Godalming remains a typical for England market town with a market every Friday and with many retailers selling shoes, books, clothing for all ages, computers, antiques, flowers, household goods and many others. At about one third of the houses in the town are detached houses and approximately 20 percent are apartments. Approximately 21800 people live in Godalming and it is 30.5 miles far from London.

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