If your next leaflet distribution campaign is in Farnham we could be the right choice for you. The only thing you need to do is get in touch with us tell us where you want to spread your message and we`ll first make a distribution map that will fit you best and then deliver your flyer or leaflet in the best possible way. We have teams of distributors that can reach the furthest point for delivery in the town and your brand will be soon recognised among your potential customers. You never know where your potential customers could be and that is why we shall not miss a single household in your distribution area. We care about our business and do everything with love and passion but most of all we do care about yours as well and we`ll be just inspired to give our contribution to your success. We are on the market because we love our work and we are here also with the one and only purpose-to help you.

There are evidences that there have lived people around Farnham thousands of years ago. Since the Stone Age through the Roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon period and after the Norman invasion the lands around Farnham have a lot stories to tell you. In the middle centuries the town became a very successful market town and was the second corn-market after London. Today with its population of 40000 Farnham is again mainly a market town than determines the whole economy of the town. The town has a lot of independent retailers some of which have started activity in the nineteenth century such as Rangers Furnishing Stores (est.1895), Pullingers (est.1895) and Elphicks department store (est.1881). There are a number of attractive houses in Farnham dated from different periods and a lot of passages that reveal hidden parts of the town including gardens, historic cottages and old workshops.

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