Leaflet in Surrey is a flyer and leaflet distribution company that is open to new technology and innovations. Our new industrial world is changing so rapidly and in order to lead a full life in it you just need to be changing with it. New technologies are taking bigger and bigger part of our everyday life and we simply cannot avoid them and it is better to accept them if you want to be up-to-date. With our tracking system based on GPS devices we know the location of our distributors and vans in every moment. We just know during all the working time if our distributors follow correctly the maps of the order that they are given and avoid any mistakes. With us everything is safe about your next leaflet distribution campaign in Epsom, just give us a call.

The proximity of Epsom to London and the lovely country side around are the main reasons the town was pronounced as the best place to live in the UK by Channel 4 for 2005 and was on one of the leading positions during next years. During the middle ages the town was known mainly as spa town. Epsom salts which received their name after the town were originally prepared by boiling mineral waters that sprung in the town. In 1847 Epsom Clock Tower was built high 70 feet with red and Suffolk brick and with four lions of Caen Stone at each corner of the tower base. It is a landmark of Epsom one of the most noticeable buildings in the town. Laine Theatre Arts a performing arts college is based in the town and famous Victoria Beckham is one of its famous students.

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