When we hear that something is 100% guaranteed we very often are rather sceptical about this full guarantee. Many simply don`t believe to these commercial tricks and prefer not to trust the person or company that offers them this guarantee. There are of course and companies that are going to keep their promise and to do what it takes not to leave you unsatisfied no matter what it may cost them. We at Leaflet in Surrey are not one of those that are going to disappoint you. Our money back guarantee is absolutely certain and we are going to give you the money back in case we fail to complete your next leaflet distribution campaign anywhere in Surrey including Dorking in the best possible way. We are taking seriously the promises that we make and always keep our word.

Dorking is the birth town of the famous actor sir Laurence Olivier and there is a blue plaque nowadays near the house where he was born. Today the settlement is a big commuter centre and has three railway stations. Back at the beginning of 20th century the settlement was described as "entirely agricultural and residential, a little brick-making, water-mills and timber". Poultry is also an important industry for the area of the town as Dorking chickens with an extra toe are a famous breed. That breed was a very popular meal on the tables from the 19th century including the one of Queen Victoria. The town is quite known also for its antique dealers. The population of Dorking is 11185 people according to a census from 2011.

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