According to official surveys leafleting as a way of advertising is more effective than TV commercials and adverts in newspapers. Your TV commercial may be made very professionally or your newspaper advert could be on the first pages on the local paper but are they worth the money you are going to spend on them and have the influence on your audience you expect. Most people just switch the channel on their TV when time for commercials come and just don`t mention the adverts in the newspapers. Perhaps you should think of another way of advertising that will both save you money and brings you many positive results on the same time. Door-to-door distribution campaigns with flyers or leaflets in Chertsey may really open new doors for you and be the best solution for you regarding ROI.

Chertsey is one of the oldest market towns in England and a church in it is dated to the 12-th century. Chertsey is a significant London commuter town but it is also the home of the European headquarters of Samsung Electronics. During the 18th century Chertsey had a very strong cricket club and beat the rest clubs in England in 1778. The British Ambassador in France by that time arranged a presentation of cricket before French nobility by the Chertsey cricket team in 1789. However just before departing to France the French Revolution erupted and the journey was cancelled. The town has a population of 16000 people and is 29 kilometres far from Central London.

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