We at Leaflet in Surrey have a software system that can show you the exact number of households in a certain area or post code sector- information that can be really useful to you and help you choose the best strategy for your next door-to-door distribution campaign in Banstead. No matter for which exactly part of the county of Surrey you want to receive information, our sophisticated software system can show us the number of households in every resident part of the county. We are just happy and proud to have such a useful software through which we can really prove to you our absolute professionalism and how much we are aware of what we are doing. When we add our knowledge about the features of the households in your chosen area gained from our experience our service becomes really valuable.

At the 2011 census the population of Banstead was 16666 and it is only 13.2 miles far from London. In the past the lands around Banstead have been known mainly as farming area and the town became famous later for its high quality wool. For many centuries in the past, due to the vast open land in the area, Banstead was quite famous for the horse racing there. In 1683 king Charles II attended a race meeting near the town. Banstead has a modest High Street with some shops on it and various restaurants and coffee bars. Most of the employees in the town today are concentrated in the services sector as there are several shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants and several estate agents in Banstead.

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