The delivery process can be as simple as door-to-door when you have just to drop the flyer or leaflet into the household letterbox or it can be rather more refined and delicate as the hand-to-hand one. In the hand-to-hand distribution you have a real contact with the beneficiary of the message and it is essential how you deliver it. Our distributors are specially trained in this process and will make a bespoke distribution in every town in Surrey for you. We will choose the best attitude that is closest to your business philosophy and strategy and our hand-to-hand distributors will be specially instructed in accordance with this. Your potential customers will get individual approach and your flyer or leaflet will be delivered in a way to grab their attention. It is always better to look someone in the eyes when delivering him a message than rather just to drop it into their letterbox. Relaxed and with a smile on their faces our distributors possess the proper qualities and manners that are necessary for a successful hand-to-hand delivery. Emotions are what differ us from other live creatures on this planet and when talking to someone it is very important how we do it- gestures, face expressions, the tone of our voice- everything matters. That is why when distributing hand-to-hand we use all these opportunities of the human communication which makes the delivery process absolutely exceptional.

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